Who Am I?

My name is Daena Matos, Founder of Dallas Graphics & Art Director.
     Throughout Highschool, I took advanced Graphic Design classes and learned to use Photoshop and Illustrator here. I have always been into photography and photomanipulation ever since I can remember, my first fascination with photography was in Middle School, I took yearbook just so I can have my pictures published and always did this for the yearbook until my senior year of Highschool.
     As of Today, I've helped many of my loved ones create companies of their dreams from scratch by creating their logos, producing content and creating/branding their social media presence. I  want to be able to share this gift with others. I believe it's my mission to help others be successful and I can help you do so by creating an amazing brand for your company. 



Our latest breakthrough:

Dallas Graphics was Officially Founded as of May in 2017 but was in production since August of 2016.  
We have a new addition to the team, she is a Professional in Interior Design Photography and has a great portfolio. In her recent work, she has taken many pictures of properties for Realtors, Real Estate Investors, Interior Designers and New Architectural Properties. We're glad to have one of the best on our team!